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local neurology expansion

Raising funds to advance  Tanner Health System's neurology program through the James R Fulford Endowed Chair of Neurology.  Helping to bridge the gap for our community,  patients of neurology , their caregivers and their loved ones. 

our mission

Fulford and Friends exists to help raise awareness and funds to support local and consistent neurological services through Tanner Health System

We understand the burdens of the individuals and their caregivers as they navigate neurological disorders and diseases. By joining with us, together we can accelerate Tanner Health System's neurology program by years, if not decades for long term, consistent care through the James R. Fulford Endowed Chair of Neurology.

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Our local Impact

Liz shares the powerful story of her mother, Cindy, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's and their struggle to find the care and resources mother needed during a heartbreaking time.

Liz Johnson Wright

Tim and Dawn Criswell

Tim and Dawn faced the impossible after Tim's traumatic brain injury caused by a biking accident. With Tim recovering in Atlanta, Dawn faced traveling back and forth to care for him without missing any of the important moments of their youngest son's senior year of high school.

Linda Fulford

Ray was diagnosed with both Parkinson's and ALS only a few years apart. The severity of both diseases made medical treatment in Atlanta their only option. Ray and Linda's lifestyle quickly changed due to the hour long trips to the doctor multiple times a week.  

Tim and Dawn Criswell


With your generous support, we can help accelerate neurology care in our community by years, if not decades!


Percentage of the endowed chair that is currently funded

1.5 MIL

To fully fund the endowed chair of Neurology


We are grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness and support for The James R Fulford Endowed Chair of Neurology and all of the many wonderful supporters, volunteers, and donors who believe in our mission.

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