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Living well with Neurological Illnesses means having access to the right health care professionals, medications and services. No one with a neurological need should go without the care they deserve because of distance or other obstacles. Fulford and Friends is partnering with Tanner Health System to fund the James R Fulford endowed chair of neurology that will work to create more opportunities for people with Neurological illnesses to access high-quality care.


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How the
James R. Fulford
endowed chair of neurology
came to be

A word from President and CEO of Tanner Health System, 

Board Certified neurologist and fellowship trained MS Specialist

           Dr. Jakai Nolan      
      physician champion

Loy Howard



Our community and their stories

Liz's Story

Tommy's Story

Tim's Story

Bill's Story

Jack's Story

Liz's Story

Everyone’s Neurological journey is unique. From people with illnesses to their care partners.

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Percentage of the endowed chair that is currently funded

1.5 MIL

To fully fund the endowed chair of Neurology


Liz's story

Listen as Liz talks about the rapid decline of her mother, Cindy, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's and the struggle to find the care and resources her family needed to best care for her mother during such a heartbreaking time.

TIm's Story

Tim and Dawn faced the impossible after Tim’s traumatic brain injury caused by a biking accident. With Tim recovering in Atlanta, Dawn faced travelling back and forth to care for him without missing any of the important moments of their youngest son’s senior year of high school.

Bill's story

“Alzheimer’s is a very challenging disease, not just for the patient but for the entire family.” Help for Betty, Bill’s mother, was found in Atlanta yet he describes how she would have been comforted by being cared for by familiar faces and local care as her disease progressed. Bill, his father and two brothers are among countless families who try to ease their loved one distress as they prepare to say the "long goodbye".

Tommy's Story

On January 25, 2021, Tommy was found alone and unconscious following a bicycle accident and was transported to Atlanta with a traumatic brain injury. For 32 days, his wife Karen, and their family could not see him because of COVID restrictions. Phone calls were their only connection. They would have found comfort knowing Tommy was being cared for nearby, by members of our community.

JACK'S story

"Going through such a tough, scary situation, and having your friends and your community around you would have been a game changer for us.” As David explains, the journey to his son, Jack’s, diagnosis of Sturge Weber Disease would have been much easier if their family could have been close to home rather than facing their journey alone.

LIZ's Story

When Liz's husband, Wilton, developed shaking in his hands, he was misdiagnosed with familial tremor for several years. After travelling to multiple cities, hospitals and doctors, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2008. Knowing where to go to and who to contact locally would have been easier on the patient and the caregiver.

We are grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness and support for The James R Fulford Endowed Chair of Neurology and all of the many wonderful supporters, volunteers, and donors who believe in our mission.

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