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Every day, friends like you are partnering with us to help advance expanded care in our community for a range of neurological disorders and diseases. Please join us!


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For more than  50 years, The Fulford Family has contributed to numerous community and non-profit projects. In honor of the late James R. Fulford, we are carrying on his legacy by funding the James R Fulford Endowed Chair of Neurology at Tanner Health Systems.

While there is no cure for many neurological illnesses, our hope is to bridge the gap for Tanner Medical Group to expand their neurology program and allow for local, consistent care in our community hospitals.

Once the endowed chair is announced, it immediately becomes a catalyst for physician recruitment and program development.

We are in a race to fully fund this Endowed Chair of Neurology because we see the benefits for our community.

A year after the Endowed Chair fund is fully funded (a minimum of $1.5M) the Foundation Board of Trustees votes in September on the annual endowment payout from the fund’s investment earnings (typically in the range of 3-5% of the endowment value.) The corpus of the endowment is never spent.

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At Fulford and Friends  each donor is special no matter how much he or she gives. We are thankful for every penny and prayer we receive. But sometimes, supporters go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether it is a young child organizing a fundraiser in his elementary school, or a corporate sponsor that reaches the one million dollar mark, each dollar puts us one step closer to  bridging the financial gap needed at Tanner Health System to bring local and consistent neurological care to our community.

We are grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness and support for The James R Fulford Endowed Chair of Neurology and all of the many wonderful supporters, volunteers, and donors who believe in our mission.

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